Long Time Coming

November 01, 2002 / Richard Cook

“How long have you been coming to the Oregon Camp Meeting at Gladstone?” Marguerite Ringering was asked this summer.

“Well,” replied the 93-year-old Gladstone Park Adventist Church member, “we came from Brainard, Minn., in 1934 and started going to Camp Meeting in 1936.”

“Consecutive years?”

“Every year since then, including this year, 2002.”

“Can you recall some interesting things that have happened over the years?”

Adventists Well Represented At Clatsop County Fair

November 01, 2002 / Cathy Raymer

More than 175 fair-goers received free health screenings at the Adventist Community Health Van, during Clatsop County Fair this summer in Astoria, Ore.

Others visited Adventist-manned booths that featured Adventist education and the ministry of Adventist literature evangelists.

Health Testing

Three-pronged Evangelism Outreach Brings Estacada Response

November 01, 2002 / Lynda Durbin

“All I have to do, to start a positive conversation, is mention the Yellow House,” said Wes Clark when he returned from passing out “Hope for the Homeland” prophecy seminar flyers in Estacada, Ore.

“Everyone in town seems to know about the good work at our Community Service Center.”

The dedicated work of Arlea Stern, Arline McGuire, and team members, year after year, at the Yellow House has been good groundwork for sharing God’s love in other ways.

Silverton Community Honors Adventists

November 01, 2002 / Betty Nelson

Cathey Defehr and Ramona Resseger, co-directors of Silverton, Ore., Adventist Community Services, recently accepted an honorary plaque from Silverton Together, a volunteer organization.

The plaque commemorates the cooperation between the church and the city group in feeding, clothing, and assisting those in need.

Children Raise Money For Bibles in India

November 01, 2002 / Susan Hall

Children at the Medford, Ore., Adventist Church are mission-minded, and when they learned that Bibles were needed in India, they planned an event to raise money.

Hosting a “Family Night at the Movies,” the children and their dedicated teachers set up chairs, picked out the movie, and collected admission ($1.74, the cost of one Bible).

Columbia Academy Introduces New Spanish Teacher

November 01, 2002 / Dave Allen

Katy Paise has joined the Columbia Adventist Academy staff, teaching Spanish I and II, English III, and yearbook.

As a student at Upper Columbia Academy, Katy took three years of Spanish and later studied one year at the Adventist College in Sagunto, Spain.

She graduated this year from Walla Walla College, with a major in elementary education and minors in Spanish and English.

Emerald Christian Academy Dedication

November 01, 2002 / Marcia Roberts

Ron Krueger, new principal at Emerald Christian Academy in Eugene, Ore., called students and staff together on Sept. 11, for a school-wide dedication.

Honor Guard members from Springfield Pathfinder Club—Heather Conklin, Mary Jo Hough, Teala Wells, and Cara Strong—posted colors and conducted the Pledge of Allegiance, while students Amanda Wadkins and Michelle Spresser led the school in the National Anthem.

Coquille Adds Drama To Traditional Cooking Classes

November 01, 2002 / Tina Gladden

“Hey! This chicken salad tastes great. What’s in it?”

“Well, no chicken, for one thing, and how do you like the dairy-free sour cream?”

“Yeah, right! And I suppose the next thing you’ll tell me is this yummy lasagna is cheese-free!”

“Actually, it is. And just wait until dessert. You won’t believe what you can do without sugar and chocolate!”