Auburn Enrollment Spurred by Scholarships

October 01, 2002 / Brian Becker

About 300 students were registered at Auburn Adventist Academy (AAA) by Aug. 25, leading to expectations for about 310 students this year, up from 305 at this time last year.

“When gauging enrollment success, the biggest blessing this year was with the number of low-income students Auburn was able to enroll,” says Brian Becker, director of recruitment.

PSAA Welcomes New Technology, Journalism Staff

October 01, 2002 / Kathy Fridlund

Puget Sound Adventist Academy in Kirkland, Wash., has welcomed new technology director Vladimir Bokov and journalism teacher/advisor Kathy Tompkins.


Bokov’s teachers in his native Russia repeatedly told him to forget his religion and place learning above all else, but he never gave up his faith.

Bokov went on to graduate from high school and later earned a B.A. degree from Andrew’s University.

Reflections of a former Student Missionary

October 01, 2002 / Kim Unterseher

Kim Unterseher writes from Walla Walla College, in College Place, Wash., excerpting highlights and transition points from her diary as a student missionary at Universidad Adventista de Centro America (UNADECA), in Costa Rica. This is the final installment of a four-part series on her experience.

January 4

We have begun a new program here at UNADECA. I am now going to be teaching English to the first-, fourth-, and fifth-graders, as well as a college class.

Northwest Adventists Urged To Enroll in Health Study

October 01, 2002 / Terry Butler

Researchers conducting a new Adventist Health Study are now recruiting church members in the North Pacific Union, giving Northwesterners their very first opportunity to be involved in a significant Adventist Health Study.

It is expected that more than 18,000 from the North Pacific Union Conference territory will participate in the Study.

Seattle Adventist Woman To be Honored

October 01, 2002 / Patricia Benton

Verla Rae Kwiram of Seattle is being honored this month by the Association of Adventist Women (AAW) for her contributions to church, profession, family, and community.

Kwiram and nine other Adventist women from across the nation will receive AAW’s “Outstanding Achievement Award,” during the 20th annual AAW Conference, in Portland, Ore., Oct. 17-20.

Remember Noé? Want to See Him Preach?

October 01, 2002

Then let your pastor or head elder know you want to watch the November “Northwest Spotlight on Mission” DVD program in your church. Every pastor receives a copy, and the coming edition features exciting footage of Noé Ortiz, the youngest public evangelist in the North Pacific Union. The short program also features inspirational video clips of other “Adventists in Action.” Your pastor or head elder will receive their copy in early November.

ACN Schedules Young Video Producers’ Festival

October 01, 2002

Adventist Communication Network (ACN) has announced creation of SONscreen Film Festival, an event that will give recognition to talented, young (29 years and younger) Christian video producers.

The SONscreen Film Festival this year is being scheduled simultaneously with the Society of Adventist Communicators (SAC) Convention, to be held Oct. 10-13 in Ontario, Calif. Awards totaling up to $6,000 in cash will be presented, including separate prizes for excellence in Film, Audio, and Graphics.

SAGE Adventists Organize Across the West

October 01, 2002

The American sage,” they whispered. “Honest Abe.”

Strong of body, agile of mind, the melancholic father of the “Grand Old Party” seemed wise beyond his years.

Quick to capitalize on what he could not disguise, he purposely identified his name and party with “conservative values” of the founding fathers. With his eye on the Oval Office, he often jokingly-and at times bitingly-chastened fractious “Young America” for acting like children.