His Legacy Speaks Volumes

December 01, 2002

Often a person and a product become so intertwined that identity lines blur and we associate one automatically with the other.

For Seattle Mariner fans, it’s Edgar Martínez. For GLEANER readers in the past decade or so, it’s been Ed Schwisow.

We’ve been blessed by Ed’s commitment and journalistic skill. He is a consummate writer, a craftsman with words. I have never tired of watching him, as editor, breathe life into otherwise awkward phrases.

Did You Know

December 01, 2002

Population Changes in the U.S.

There are more than 287 million people in the United States. With losses and gains, the U.S. is gaining a person every 13 seconds.

•One birth every eight seconds

•One death every 13 seconds

•One new immigrant every 29 seconds

Source: Census Bureau

This month in history...

•Clara Barton, founder of the American Red Cross, was born in 1821

Wait a Minute . . . or More

December 01, 2002

“But those who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint” (Isaiah 40:31, NRSV).

Alaska Schools and Churches Remember 9-11

December 01, 2002 / John Kriegelstein

With Americans across the nation, Alaskan Adventist schools and churches paused this fall to reflect on the events and aftermath of Sept. 11, 2001.

Adventist churches and schools hosted a number of commemorative events. Lorraine Carpenter, Dillingham Adventist Elementary School head teacher, reports that her students “prepared an appreciation dinner for local police, firefighters, and ambulance crews.”

Idaho Women’s Retreat Features Carolyn Sutton

December 01, 2002 / Jean Coneff

This year’s annual Idaho Conference Christian Women’s, held at Camp Ida-Haven, was full of laughter, tears and fellowship.

Author Carolyn Sutton, of the Grants Pass, Ore., area, was featured during the weekend event. Sutton has written two books on her own (“Journey to Joy” and “No More Broken Places”), co-authored a junior devotional book, and edited “Guide” magazine.

Cove Evangelism Brings in New Members

December 01, 2002 / Ruth Barclay

Members of the Cove, Ore., Adventist Church have welcomed five new members into their congregation, following evangelistic meetings conducted by Lyle Albrecht. During the same series, four Cove members recommitted themselves to the Lord through rebaptism.

Jack and Janet Mardis, of La Grande, Ore., and Kayley, Risa, and Tynan Frank, of Union, Ore., were baptized and joined the Cove congregation. Debbie and Daryl Millman, of Cove; Richard and Lynda Frank of Union, Ore., were re-baptized—all by Pastor Donavan Kack.

Native Style Prevails at Church Dedication

December 01, 2002 / Monte Church

Native members of the Adventist church in Fort Belknap, Mont., dedicated their new building during a Native camp meeting held this summer in the area.

The service had special meaning, for the now moved-and-remodeled building had once served as a mortuary. A building that had represented death needed to become a “house of life” to the Fort Belknap Native community.

Participants were determined that the service be done in Native style, reflecting their unique ways of expressing reverence and dedication.

Kalispell Fair Booth Does Triple Duty

December 01, 2002 / Darrell Babb

Kalispell and Columbia Falls church members in Northwest Montana jointly sponsored a booth at the recent Flathead County Fair, where visitors picked up many copies of Steps to Christ and Desire of Ages books and filled out religious-interest surveys.

Booth hosts also gave out 325 spiritual “Survival Kits,” with devotional items such as reference cards, “Attack on America” flyers, and invitations to register for Discover Bible School.