Cookie’s Retreat Center Opens

March 01, 2003

Polly’s Place Ministries, Inc., has opened Cookie’s Retreat Center, a healing retreat for women and children who are victims of Domestic Violence. Founded by Adventists, this center is the only one of its kind on the West Coast. Located in the heart of the Inland Empire, we provide a safe, Christ centered environment where victims find a refuge built on Biblical principles of healing.

What Do You Do with 23 Trumpet Players? UCA Initiates Gifted Musician Scholarship

March 01, 2003 / Linnea Torkelsen

i>. . . and dear Lord, you know that more than half my band is graduating in May. I’m loosing all my trumpets and tubas. I need saxaphone and clarinet players and I don’t know where I’m going to get them. Please provide for my needs in these areas . . . Prayerfully, the Upper Columbia Academy (UCA) band director of 38 years brought his petition to the Lord for the next school year.

The Cheney Church Is on the Move

March 01, 2003 / Eileen Mallinson

The members of the Cheney Church accepted an offer to sell their church building in November. They transformed the former multipurpose room at the Four Winds Christian Elementary School in Four Lakes into a beautiful sanctuary and moved in.

In spite of the move, evangelism did not take a back seat. In late December the Cheney Church held a baptizm at the Spokane East Central church for Eva Cravens, and Melissa and Emily Falconer. The Cheney Church is on the move for the LORD! •

AnchorPointe Gives a Gift to the Community

March 01, 2003 / Caryn Pierce

Anyone who lives in the Puget Sound area will know that “vacant retail space” has been a prominent feature of the economic recession. After searching in vain for a mall or department store that would allow church members to provide free gift-wrapping as an outreach to the community, AnchorPointe decided to lease an empty storefront across the street from the office space where they worship. Then, what was originally intended to be a weekend “Kindness Event” Dec. 14 and 15, turned into a 10-day run of the most meaningful outreach some had ever participated in.

Monroe Church Sends Missionaries to the World

March 01, 2003 / Debbie Beierle

Monroe, Wash., members gathered for an emotional farewell vespers for two families leaving for mission work in foreign countries.

The Bartel family, John and Sue with children, Steven and Sarah, accepted the challenge of self-supporting mission work in Granada to establish an Adventist television station there.