Pocatello Church’s 2nd Annual Talentless Show

August 01, 2002 / Avis Taysom

Members of the Pocatello, Idaho, Church recently hosted their second annual “Talentless Show.”

Featuring 25 participants who performed comedy skits, sang sacred songs, played Bluegrass, rode unicycles, and performed magic acts, the Show provided two hours of fellowship, laughter, and entertainment. Despite its “Talentless” title, presenters displayed many talents and skills—though the only requirement for presenters was willingness to share. What some may have lacked in talent, they seemed to make up in enthusiasm.

Centennial Send-off

August 01, 2002 / Juanita Starkebaum

The 2001-02 school year at Mt. Ellis Academy closed with a commencement farewell to the 23-member Centennial Class of graduating seniors. But memories of outstanding accomplishments are carrying over into the new school year.

In tribute to Mt. Ellis’s Centennial year, seniors had fun decorating the auditorium for graduation and making the gym look extra special for their historic commencement. •

Tops in Her State

August 01, 2002 / Juanita Starkebaum

Kyra Eddy, of Brusett, Mont., has qualified to enter the 2003 National Merit Scholarship Program. Students offered this opportunity represent the state’s top scorers on achievement exams.

Kyra has shown outstanding academic potential during her three years at Mt. Ellis Academy, where she has worked hard to do her best. •

A Dream to Serve

August 01, 2002 / Debby Melnychenko

Emily Peterson has a mind for service. A junior at Portland Adventist Academy (PAA) in Portland, Ore., she has been a regular “foster parent” to kittens that otherwise would be destroyed at the Humane Society.

She has fed the homeless of downtown Portland, tutors inner-city kids to read, feeds babies at Headstart—the list goes on.

And because of her desire to make a difference, Emily took a personal mission trip to help orphans and street children in Lima, Peru.

Standing Room Only

August 01, 2002 / Shirley Swan

Forty-five candidates—39 by baptism and six by profession of faith—were welcomed into Adventist Church fellowship at the conclusion of recent evangelistic meetings conducted by Lyle and Peggy Albrecht in Sutherlin, Ore.

At the Saturday-evening baptismal service, family and friends crowded into all available areas of the church, spilling into the foyer and standing along the sanctuary’s walls.

Richard Harbour, local pastor, and retired pastor, Charles Todd, assisted the Albrechts.

Dressed to a Tea

August 01, 2002 / Joy Miller

Waiters in white shirts, black bow-ties, and cummerbunds recently escorted 85 women to “High Tea” tables at the Albany Adventist Church in Oregon.

Hosted by the Albany Adventist Women’s Ministry association for the fourth time in as many years, the Tea featured guest speaker Wilma Hepker, dean of the Walla Walla School of Social Work. In her remarks, Dr. Hepker outlined the seven stages of human life experience, from cradle to senior years.

Spring Break at Sunset Lake

August 01, 2002 / Jan Jorgenson

The 30-member Meadow Glade Pathfinder club, led by Ron Ermshar, traveled this spring to the Seattle area for a weekend camp-out at Sunset Lake Youth Camp. Open to Pathfinder families, the event attracted 80 participants.

The program theme challenged the Pathfinders and their families to “Go the Distance,” as Jesus did.

Numbers Nemesis— Brookings School Needs More Students

August 01, 2002 / Jim Bollin

Students at the Cape Ferrelo Adventist School in Brookings, Ore., though few in number, enjoy many advantages.

The most recent is the arrival of late-model computers, printers, and desks, with a professional, volunteer instructor.

Students not only receive normal keyboarding instruction, they practice creating spreadsheets, making labels, using art/drawing programs, and creating graphs and school reports.