Faith in Action: Making a Difference in Tillamook County

July 01, 2003 / Heather Wheeler

TCGH’s Faith in Action volunteers offer hope, support and friendship to the elderly and people of all ages who suffer from chronic illness, mental illness and other disabilities. In 2002 alone, the Faith in Action coalition made a difference by:

• Recruiting more than 100 volunteers

• Donating nearly 6,000 hours in aid to area families

• Enabling 104 local residents to remain independent and at home through visits and respite care

Why in the World Are We Doing This?

June 01, 2003 / Jere Patzer

We had gotten up at an unearthly hour to catch the plane for the long trip to the Dominican Republic. We were the advance group making the arrangements for our 160 NPUC youth and adults that would be participating in the Las Americas para Cristo, The Americas for Christ satellite evangelism initiative during spring break. When we arrived it was dark and rainy. The people that were to pick us up weren’t there and I said to myself, “Why am I doing this?

Wild Animals

June 01, 2003

Tom and Pat Leeson are Northwest wildlife photographers with an international reputation. Here are nine animals they have photographed. Can you identify the animals? Click here for the answers. To see more of the Leeson’s photographs visit











Exercising Faith

June 01, 2003

Some years ago I registered with my friend Roger for a mini-triathlon. While the biking and jogging seemed doable, the swimming scared me. It felt as if I’d be attempting to cross the Grand Canyon on a pogo stick.

“It’s only a quarter of a mile,” Roger explained. “You couldn’t drown if you tried.”

“But Roger, people drown in hot tubs.”

“Sure, but that’s different. They aren’t competing.”


“Trust me it’s different.”

Following in the Tradition

June 01, 2003 / Richard Dower

Los Americas para Cristo, “The Americas for Christ,” was a major evangelistic program originating in the Dominican Republic. The administration of the Inter-American Division had requested that Jere D. Patzer, North Pacific Union Conference president and speaker for the series, hold evangelistic meetings in the capital city of Santo Domingo.

A Dream, a Demon and a Promise

June 01, 2003 / Tye Davis

It all started in January when I filled out an application for a mission trip to the Dominican Republic. The last time I had gone on a mission trip I had almost lost my job so I struggled with whether or not to go and decided I wouldn’t go.

That evening I dreamed that Richard Parker, Upper Columbia Conference youth director, told me that I needed to go to the Dominican Republic, stating that God wanted to use me on this trip.

Four Minutes to Airtime

June 01, 2003 / Marlene Klam

After months of planning, the day for the opening night of the series had arrived. While everyone was preparing for that first meeting, only a few were aware that a monumental problem existed.

Palmer Church Sign Brings Visibility

June 01, 2003

After much shopping, planning, designing and anticipation, the Palmer Church powered up its newest evangelistic tool—a large marquee-style church sign. Neil Biloff, Palmer Church pastor, explained, “The sign has multiple purposes, including providing increased awareness of Seventh-day Adventists and our beliefs, advertisement of church and school programs, and a public-service tool for the Mattanuska-Susitna Valley.”

Biloff has offered the sign to the state troopers and the mayor for Amber Alerts and other emergency messages.