Journal Club Prepares WWU Students for Graduate Study in STEM Careers

May 23, 2017 / Elisabeth Brassington

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) programs are some of the most popular areas of study at Walla Walla University (WWU). Many students use these programs to form a strong foundation in STEM fields before moving on to medical school, dental school or other postgraduate programs. One way WWU prepares these students for future study in science-related careers is through Journal Club, a course in which students read a science research paper each week and then meet to discuss the paper in an informal format.

WWU Welcomes 11 New Board Members

May 23, 2017

Bryan Clay (Kirkland, Wash.) is the former president and owner of a long-term care company. He is chair of the finance committee for the Kirkland Church and serves on the Washington Conference board of education, the North Pacific Union Conference (NPUC) board of education and the North American Division executive committee.

NPUC Updates Mission and Priorities

May 04, 2017

The North Pacific Union Conference (NPUC) executive committee has adopted three general strategic priorities for Northwest ministry through 2020: 1) Re-engagement and relationship-building with young adults in every local church and community; 2) An emphasis on becoming one in Christ — finding unity centered in Him; and 3) Total Member Involvement (TMI), an initiative already gaining momentum around North America.

The Way Forward

May 03, 2017 / Dan Linrud

The crowd had been watching Jesus perform miracles, preach messages, feed thousands, raise the dead. There was a crush of people on every side of Jesus. There were those who were looking for something more for themselves, some who were looking to discredit the Nazarene rabbi, and those who were earnestly seeking to better know Him and His will for them.

Idaho Conference Moves Forward With Mission, Vision

May 03, 2017

How does an organization like a conference move forward in growing as good stewards of the resources God has gifted to us? One way Idaho Conference administration felt would be helpful was to provide employees with resources to be good stewards.

Sharon Church Hosts 17th 'Lift Every Voice' Concert

May 03, 2017 / Jann Stowe

About 300 members and individuals from the surrounding community enjoyed the 17th annual Lift Every Voice (LEV) concert, hosted by the Sharon Church in Portland, Ore., on Saturday, March 4. LEV’s mission is to strengthen relationships and increase awareness and understanding of the Sharon Church through fellowship and the celebration of various styles of African American music. This annual choir workshop begins the last week of February and culminates in a free concert the first Saturday in March.

CAA Students Seek Adventure at Home and Away

May 03, 2017 / Stacy Knight

For Columbia Adventist Academy (CAA) students in Battle Ground, Wash., spring break means adventure. With two exciting school trips to choose between, nearly half of the student body took advantage of the chance to travel and experience new things.

Twenty-two students hadn’t yet had enough of winter’s chill and packed their warmest clothes to head off to Alaska’s Matanuska Valley for a mission trip. The main project was building a bunk cabin for Camp Tukuskoya summer camp, along with completing some building repairs and clearing trees and brush.