Milo Academy Hosts Firefighters

October 06, 2017 / Kathy Hernandez

In early August, lightning strikes ignited more than a dozen wildfires east of Milo Adventist Academy near Tiller, Ore. Milo provided the firefighters an ideal location to set up camp near the fires known as the Falcon Complex but outside the danger zone. The Northwest Incident Management Team 8 quickly took action, and within two days 700 personnel, some of whom traveled from Alaska, Indiana, Arizona and even Puerto Rico, had arrived to help protect our national forests. They slept in tents at night or in the Milo gym during the day, working 12-hour shifts for 14 days straight.

Northside VBS Makes Bible Fun

October 05, 2017 / Teresa Jensen

How many of you are inventors? Can you imagine inventions and God in the same sentence? If you can, then you should have been at Northside Church in Anchorage, Alaska, during the end of July. The basement was transformed into the Maker Fun Factory Vacation Bible School filled with incredible Bible stories, Sciency-Fun Gizmo, team-building games, cool Bible songs and tasty treats. 

FEJA Enjoys Sunset Lake Camp Retreat

October 04, 2017 / Katie Henderson

The Federation of Adventist Youth (FEJA) recently had a retreat with more than 100 youth at Sunset Lake Camp in Wilkeson, Wash., enjoying spiritual enrichment and fun activities.

The seminars and worship services focused on making the Word of God the foundation of their lives and learning to resist temptation. The goal was to enrich relationships in the ways of God and ready them to reach the kingdom of God at the Second Coming of Christ.

Bendiciones en Alaska

October 04, 2017

Las bendiciones del cielo continúan fluyendo entre los miembros de la iglesia hispana en Anchorage, Alaska, con la adición de nuevos miembros, esfuerzos, y un entusiasmo e interés creciente para el adelanto y crecimiento de la obra.

Montana Youth Rush 2017

October 03, 2017

The canvassing work is a seed-planting ministry. Most of the time, we don’t see much results from the work we have done. But since this is the third consecutive year Montana Youth Rush has been working in the conference, we had the privilege of seeing some of the results of this door-to-door ministry work of past summers.

WWU Students Ignite Spark in Peruvian Villages

October 03, 2017

Breathing is hard at 13,000 feet. Anything is hard really, but regions like the Peruvian Andes serve as a testament to humankind’s will to survive. Indigenous communities continue to live at altitudes of 13,000 feet and beyond, surviving on what they can grow, which isn’t much — mostly potatoes and corn. In part because they are so remote, many of these communities lack basic necessities such as health care, schools, potable water and electricity.

Hundreds Receive Care at Impact Your Health Event in Portland

October 02, 2017 / Dick Duerksen

Take one gymnasium; add carpet to cover the hardwood floor; bring in folding tables, 55 dental chairs (for hygiene, anesthesia and surgery); add a very long and complicated table for supplies and sterilization; fill the stage with a medical practice office for seven physicians; overflow into the cafeteria for optometrists, opticians and an ophthalmologist; head into the hallway for body and foot massage, into two classrooms for haircuts and professional photos, and into the library for child care — and you’re almost ready to conduct a free health clinic.

Good News About Hell

October 02, 2017 / Martin Weber

What’s happening with the Seventh-day Adventist Church? Members worldwide are worried about this month’s Annual Council, where global representatives will debate what should happen to elected leaders and their constituencies who are “out of compliance” with church policy on women’s ordination.