Kids Kloset Makes a Difference in Port Orchard

August 08, 2017 / Ethan Fowler

What started out as a whim has turned into an inspirational community lifeline for families in need.

When Port Orchard Church member Claudia Arends asked her Facebook friends in October 2015 what they thought about the idea of a free clothing outlet for struggling families, she didn't know what to expect.

North Idaho Members Find Unity in Diversity

August 07, 2017 / Beth Duffey

On June 24, 2017, two Adventist churches experienced a rare joint event, a gathering on the lawn of a church member’s home in Clark Fork, Idaho. Clark Fork and Spirit Lake church members, plus a few from Newport and Rathdrum, united for a Sabbath afternoon and evening of special fellowship. Intended as a way to get better acquainted and support one another, 65 young and old participated.

LAA Senior Takes Plunge of Faith

August 07, 2017 / Katrina Koch

This June, among the caps, gowns and flowers, was a never-before-seen fixture at any Livingstone Adventist Academy (LAA) graduation: a baptismal tank.

Corey Bronson, a senior graduating from the Salem, Ore., school, took the opportunity to study for baptism this winter and spring with campus chaplain Eddy Darisme following a week of prayer last fall. Cards were distributed to all students, grades five through 12, asking if they were 1) wanting to join Bible study, 2) wanting to renew their commitment to Jesus and 3) wanting to be baptized.

No Frijoles?

August 04, 2017 / Dick Duerksen

“Really?” I responded in starving amazement.

“Yes. It is true. We are out of beans, but if you wait about 45 minutes, we’ll have some.”

I exited through the side door, my stomach continuing to churn and my head spinning. How could Taco Bell run out of beans?

Alone in my car with Siri, I checked for another Taco Bell. “Seventy-five miles behind you,” she said kindly.

The Only Lasting Legacy

August 04, 2017 / Seth Pierce

The All Saints Church, in the perfectly named English village of Aldwincle, dates back to the 1300s and was the site of countless weddings, funeral, baptisms and baby dedications. By the 20th century, however, the local parish could no longer sustain the beautiful structure, due to shrinking population and the presence of another church building. After 100 years of “disuse” it was declared “redundant” in 1976. It was then taken over by the Churches Conservation Trust, and a couple days ago I spent the night in it all by myself.

Camp Tukuskoya Dedicates New Cabin

August 03, 2017

On the eve of the arrival of the season’s first junior campers, Camp Tukuskoya near Big Lake, Alaska, hosted a ribbon-cutting and dedication for a new cabin. The Cowen and Koliadko families played flute, guitar and string music as guests toured improvements around the camp. 

Be Courageous

July 27, 2017 / John Freedman

Uber, a ride-share company based in San Francisco, Calif., made the headlines recently because of allegations of systemic sexual harassment and gender bias. A study revealed a company culture that accepted bad behavior as normal and regularly dismissed complaints from employees about those issues.

Since the allegations went public, more than 20 employees have been let go. Even the CEO has stepped down. They discovered too late the old adage, “We have found the enemy, and it is us.”