Why What Happened in Guatemala Matters Here

July 02, 2018

Sixteen young Walla Walla University students and pastoral interns learned something life-changing through their evangelistic trip to Retalhuleu, Guatemala, during spring break, March 22–April 1. They all knew it in theory, but for the first time some of them directly experienced how eternal decisions are made when the Spirit moves. 

Takers and Givers

June 29, 2018 / Dick Duerksen

Yesterday’s mail brought my copy of our new Bank of America Cash Rewards Visa card. Solid metal. With a golden chip that identifies me, my age, my appearance, my passwords, the name of my dog, my mother’s maiden name and what I usually eat for breakfast.

It’s bright red. With the BofA logo splashed across the front. On the back it has my personal private number, a security code and a wonderful silver hologram of a dove rising into a bright red sky. The bottom line praises me for being a member since 1972. We’re celebrating 46 years of being together!

PAA Students Provide Relief for Terminal Patient

June 29, 2018 / Liesl Vistaunet

"You’re loved. You’re cared for. You’re valued." These words can make all the difference to someone facing a terminal cancer diagnosis, months of recovery after a heart attack or isolation due to years of a debilitating mental illness.

This is the daily work of Sharon Crosby, a social worker with Adventist Home Health in Portland, Ore.

Retreat Focuses on 'Triumphant Despite Scars'

June 29, 2018 / Kathy Marson

“During the weekend of the Hispanic Women's Retreat, 'El Retiro de Damas,' the Lord allowed me to touch the edge of His cloak,” says Angelica Vasquez. Vasquez is one of more than 290 women in attendance at this year’s retreat at Camp MiVoden in Hayden, Idaho.

Renton Members Deliver Grace for Easter

June 29, 2018 / Randy Maxwell

Desiring to bless their community at Easter, the Renton (Wash.) Church bought $2,000 worth of grocery store gift cards and gave them all away.

Their plans for the Easter weekend began along the lines of a one-time music and preaching event. When they weighed the cost of a one-and-done event against a demonstration of grace, the choice was simple.

Pleasant Valley Pathfinders Post Colors at Division Pathfinder Bible Experience

June 29, 2018

The roar of the 15-member West Palm Beach (Fla.) Pathfinders drum corps heralded the entrance of Oregon’s Pleasant Valley Pathfinders color guard as they prepared to perform the first-ever flag presentation and posting for the 2018 North American Division-level Pathfinder Bible Experience (NAD PBE) event, held April 21 in Florida.

Led by teen Pathfinder Timothy Fullard-Leo, the color guard was part of the three PBE teams from Pleasant Valley Church, each of which qualified for the largest NAD PBE ever. This year’s PBE focused on the books of Esther and Daniel.

'Loma Linda Comes to You' at Valley View Church

June 28, 2018 / Shannon Fisher

It was with high anticipation the Valley View Church awaited the Sabbath services on May 5, 2018, in East Wenatchee, Wash. "Loma Linda Comes to You" was the promise. Through the invitation of Cheryl Smith (East Wenatchee Church member), Loma Linda University (LLU) sent Richard Hart, LLU president, and his visiting team to the Wenatchee Valley as part of the Loma Linda Comes to You outreach.

ASWWU Selects 2018–19 Officers

June 28, 2018 / Kyler Alvord

Congratulations to the new officers for the Associated Students of Walla Walla University (ASWWU): Katelyn Folkenberg, president; Evelyn Ouro-Rodrigues, vice president; Lindsey Haffner, spiritual vice president; and Madilyn Malott, social vice president. The election of women to all of ASWWU’s top four leadership positions is a first for the organization and an exciting landmark at WWU.

Elected cabinet members are responsible for hiring other key players in ASWWU, including the financial vice president, marketing vice president and various department heads.