Arctic Women's Retreat Offers 'A Healthier You'

May 02, 2017 / Wendi Kannenberg

As part of a community initiative to foster improved health and wellness among the women of southwest Alaska, the local women’s ministry team in Dillingham marked the beginning of 2017 by sponsoring a full-day retreat in January. Coordinated under the direction of Anita Alers, women’s ministry leader, this is the second consecutive year that a special event “A Healthier You” has brought together congregational and community volunteers dedicated to advancing positive physical, emotional and spiritual health throughout Bristol Bay communities. 

Pathfinder Scholarship Changes Life

May 02, 2017

“I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” 

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always wanted to say that phrase with no doubt in my mind it was true. 

But the experience of being bullied, being called fat and living with problems at home all sent me the message that the opposite was true. The pain was overwhelming. All the negativity flowed into my mind, buried my happiness and killed my joy. I felt alone. Useless. Unloved. I screamed at my Creator for all the pain in my life and asked Him why it was happening to me. I fell deep into a pit of darkness.

Goldendale Hosts Journey to Bethlehem

May 02, 2017 / Delmarie Null

The first weekend in December found nearly all the members of the Goldendale (Wash.) Church actively involved in its third annual Journey to Bethlehem. This is the church’s gift to our community, and each year more of the area residents come to go through the journey.

Meridian Church Members Tackle Depression in Their Community

May 01, 2017 / Sandra Blackmer

To address the rising rate of depression and suicide not only in the nation but also in their community, members of the Meridian (Idaho) Church hosted a nine-part weekly Depression and Anxiety Recovery video seminar, featuring Neil Nedley, internal medicine physician, Jan. 19–March 16 at the church. Average weekly attendance held strong at about 50, half of whom were visitors.

Hockinson Members Join '10 Days of Prayer'

May 01, 2017 / Marty Jackson

The Hockinson Heights Church in Brush Prairie, Wash., participated in "10 Days of Prayer" March 5–14, coming together each evening lifting their voices up in praise, confession, request and thanksgiving along with singing. Their emphasis in this time in prayer was for unity in the church family, forgiving spirit in the church, reaching out as a witness for Jesus and seeing souls come to the Lord.

Mission Adventure Team Builds Community Center in Mexico

May 01, 2017 / Sandy Larsen

Winter has become a common season to find a group of volunteer-minded individuals leaving Moses Lake, Wash., for Baja California, Mexico. Feb. 7 this year found all 29 of them meeting at their final destination, La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Spanish-speaking leaders of the group Mission Adventure, Sandy and Darayl Larsen, are from the Moses Lake Church. These former missionaries have been leading mission teams for 20 years, with the last two in La Paz.

Un Ministerio Compartido

May 01, 2017 /

Hace un año, justamente en el mes de febrero del 2016, mi esposa, la Pastora Belinda Rodriguez fue llamada a ministrar junto conmigo en el distrito de Vancouver, Wash., en la Conferencia de Oregon.

¡Así es mi esposa es una mujer Pastor!

Pero … ¿qué ha pasado durante éste año? ¿Cómo estamos manejando nuestra vida ministerial y al mismo tiempo un hogar con dos hijos?

Wrangell Youth Evangelize for God

May 01, 2017 / Brooke Reynolds

God has grander plans than we can ever imagine. A 2014 conversation led to Alaska's Wrangell Church doing a Vacation Bible School in Bethel, Alaska. Little did we know where this would lead. Fast forward to 2017 and five VBS programs later (three in Bethel, one in Wrangell and one in Ketchikan), and the church is considering doing three more this year — in the communities of Craig, Bethel and Wrangell.