Growing Young

"Growing Young" is a term being heard frequently around some Northwest Adventist churches. It tops the list of current priorities for the North Pacific Union Conference (NPUC). In last month’s Gleaner feature, John Freedman, NPUC president, said, “Our churches are growing older. Let’s stop … kicking this down to some future spot in the road. It’s possible to make decisions today that will proactively engage our young people with Christ and the church.”

Northwest Young Adults Enjoy Winter Retreat

April 15, 2018 / Adam Nakamura

The Oregon Young Adults and former Big Lake Youth Camp (BLYC) staff members gathered in January for a time of fellowship and fun at the central Oregon camp.

Arriving on a chilly Friday evening, the young adults were welcomed with a fresh snowfall and some amazing food. Benjamin Lindquist, Oregon Conference young adults director, led the young adults in a journey of praising God and provided them with a fresh perspective on Jesus.

Three Churches Collaborate for 'Storms of Life' Revival

April 15, 2018 / Carl Butler Jr.

The Wasilla (Alaska) Church conducted a three-church revival Nov. 4–8, 2017, as an evangelistic outreach to the local community. With support from the Palmer and Anchorage Samoan churches, the revival tackled some of the major setbacks in life because of a world marred by sin and provided a guideline to find God amidst the elements.

Middleton Finds Opportunities for Evangelism

April 13, 2018

As with most small congregations, the availability of resources for community service activities such as food boxes, clothing for the needy, cash for other needs, etc., is often limited. When the Middleton Church’s Community Services fund reached a low of $14.58 early last year, the director and the board decided a yard/bake sale could be a viable source for adding to the fund.

Hope’s Door

April 13, 2018 / Lynne Lent

In 2003, Hope’s Door Shelter in Caldwell, Idaho, began as a response to the horrific murder of Angie Leon at the hands of her abusive husband. The shelter was opened as a sanctuary for victims of domestic violence to seek refuge before more lives could be taken. It is the only domestic shelter from violence specific to women and children in Canyon County and is part of the nonprofit Advocates Against Family Violence (AAFV).

AAA Seniors Learn About Professions

April 13, 2018 / Andrew Armstrong

The Auburn (Wash.) Adventist Academy class of 2018 invited local professionals to speak at their annual senior dedication to learn about the professions they are planning to enter.

Mark Bruder, a flight nurse, emphasized the importance of the job as a medical professional. Bruder recalled the events of one of his days on the job and how each step and part helped to save a man's life.

Gerald Burke, owner of a small business, emphasized that customer service is an important part of every job you do and making a small business a success.

Renton Church Overcomes Darkness With Prayer

April 13, 2018 / Katie Henderson

Every pastor prays for a smooth start of their evangelistic series … but for some churches, it doesn’t go quite as planned. Renton (Wash.) Church was preparing for their Thunder in the Holy Land DVD series when the lights went out only a couple hours before the series was supposed to start.

A transformer had blown and knocked all the power out just in the immediate area around the church.

Randy Maxwell, Renton Church pastor, recalls his secretary calling him to tell him that it would be an hour or two before they’d have power at the church.