Adventist Health Hospitals Stay Clean and Green

November 01, 2011

"Go Green" isn’t just the mantra of canvas-toting hippies aiming to reduce their carbon footprint. Several Adventist Health hospitals and their environmental services departments have taken the mantra to heart — and are turning deep shades of green.

Sustainable Stewardship

Adventist Health Embraces Innovation

September 01, 2011

The world is becoming innovative. Now more than ever, people and businesses are trying to come up with great ideas never thought of before. It is known Edison didn't invent the light bulb on his first try, and Google's founders didn't launch their search engine in an afternoon. Yet, both innovations have rocked our world and are evolving every day.

Employee Wellness Top Priority at Adventist Medical Center

August 01, 2011

Many of us work all day (or night) and come home too tired to hit the gym or exercise some other way. We wonder why we feel sluggish, unhealthy and maybe even depressed.

Adventist Medical Center, in Portland, Ore., and its Wellness Services team knows to have a happy, healthy workforce, employees need to exercise. That is why the medical center rejuvenated its wellness program, LivingWell, to motivate and educate their employees about fitness and nutrition.

Adventist Health News

July 01, 2011

Adventist Health recently launched a new corporate website. After months of working on content, visually pleasing design and increased functionality, the new site is now more user friendly and patient-centered. Visitors to the website will find:

Directions (and zip code search) to all Adventist Health facilities.

Health library with interactive tools, recipes, articles and more.

Links to hospitals, Find a Doc, bill pay and giving abilities.

Adventist Hospitals Form Policy Association

June 01, 2011 / Brittany Russell

More than 70 Adventist hospitals and more than 300 affiliated health-care facilities across 17 states and the District of Columbia have collaborated to form the Adventist Health Policy Association. AHPA creates a united policy voice among Adventist hospitals on issues affecting health care across the nation.

Larry Dodds Celebrates a Career Dedicated to Mission

May 01, 2011 / Brittany Russell

After almost 40 years of dedicated service at Adventist Health, Larry Dodds, executive vice president and COO, is retiring. While he is looking forward to trading his suit and tie for something better suited for spending time with his grandchildren, he will be greatly missed by his colleagues and friends.

“Larry has been a dedicated and skillful leader in our system. We will miss his talents and management acumen,” says Robert G. Carmen, Adventist Health president and CEO.

Hospital Chaplain Plants a Church in Tillamook

April 01, 2011 / Brittany Russell

Danny Parada is a busy man. As chaplain of Tillamook County General Hospital, he visits patients, prays with them and their families, and offers encouragement to those in need of a little pick-me-up. However, being the spiritual leader at Adventist Health’s hospital on the Oregon coast isn’t his only God-assignment. He also spreads God’s love outside the hospital walls.

Adventist Medical Center Touching Hearts

March 01, 2011 / Brittany Russell

Major cardiovascular disease is a leading cause of death in Oregon, with heart disease and stroke coming in at second- and third-place, according to the most recent data from Oregon’s Department of Human Services. While these statistics are alarming, Adventist Medical Center in Portland, Ore., is taking strides to help people with this disease find healing.

Meeting a Community’s Needs