A Cathedral of Service

October 19, 2017 / Andreas Beccai

On Saturday afternoon, Volunteer Park Church members stood under the Alaskan Way Viaduct with our recently acquainted friends. They received a few hygiene kits packed 30 minutes earlier by our gathered community in lieu of our worship service.

A number of things struck me in those moments. I realized that scarcity had in this instance led to a generosity of spirit.

Maranatha Launches Free Legal Clinic

October 18, 2017 / Heidi Baumgartner

Community advocate Carolyn Brown knows all about sandwich making, homeless feeding and community networking.

“After 14 years of feeding the homeless downtown [in Seattle, Wash.], I’ve learned a lot from sitting and talking with people,” Brown says in her matter-of-fact way. “They appreciate the sandwiches, socks and gloves. But what they wanted more was to be able to buy their own. Small legal issues kept them from working, getting a place or going to school. They couldn’t afford an attorney.”

Intergenerational Sabbath School Introduced in Auburn

October 15, 2017 / Sophia Lorge

Sabbath School at Auburn Adventist Academy Church has taken on a new look for the 2017–2018 school year. Titled “The Second Act,” the new intergenerational Sabbath School helps to “build community, expand the church family and create connections between students and adults,” says Angel Ogando, lead pastor.

Participants are initially greeted and invited to join a round discussion table filled with an assortment of simple breakfast snacks and representation of a variety of age groups. During the one-hour session, the groups discuss questions relating to a specific Bible study.

Pathfinders Help Bring about Lacey Baptisms

October 10, 2017 / Ronald Case

Little did the Lacey (Wash.) Church Swordbearer Pathfinder Club and Jason Canfield, Lacey Church pastor, know that, when they decided to sing Christmas carols in the adjacent neighborhood last December, one of the people who listened and received a Discover Bible School card would become a member of their church just seven months later.

AAA Welcomes New Educators

October 07, 2017

Auburn Adventist Academy in Auburn, Wash., is welcoming new teachers and administration to the faculty family.

Peter Fackenthall, Auburn’s new principal, is no stranger to the school’s campus. He taught at Auburn Adventist Academy from 1994 to 1999 and served as vice principal 1996–1997. Most recently, Fackenthall worked as principal at Pacific Union College Preparatory School in Angwin, Calif.

FEJA Enjoys Sunset Lake Camp Retreat

October 04, 2017 / Katie Henderson

The Federation of Adventist Youth (FEJA) recently had a retreat with more than 100 youth at Sunset Lake Camp in Wilkeson, Wash., enjoying spiritual enrichment and fun activities.

The seminars and worship services focused on making the Word of God the foundation of their lives and learning to resist temptation. The goal was to enrich relationships in the ways of God and ready them to reach the kingdom of God at the Second Coming of Christ.

PSAA Teacher Builds International Community

October 01, 2017 / Katie Henderson

Howard Munson could have kicked back and had a relaxed vacation to Indonesia. But he didn't.

The history teacher from Puget Sound Adventist Academy (PSAA) in Kirkland, Wash., along with his wife, Jeneil Legoh-Munson, went on a summer vacation tour of Adventist schools in Sulawesi, one of four islands in Indonesia.

Adopting a small school in Indonesia and supporting students to attend is a passion and a mission for Munson. He wants schools and school groups to get involved with supporting an international school or student.

Sunset Lake Camp Hosts Arts Festival

September 30, 2017 / Katie Henderson

Birds chirping, kids laughing and music humming in the background provided a soundtrack to the final week at Sunset Lake Camp in Wilkeson, Wash., which featured aquatics, advanced horsemanship and the Festival of the Arts program.

The Festival of the Arts is designed to encourage the musical, artistic and spiritual involvement of children. The program offers many creative outlets, from photography and drama to instrumental, vocal, bell choir, strings and music production.