Rage Flu

April 12, 2018 / Seth Pierce

When Billy Graham’s death made it onto social media, I sifted through a variety of passionate responses — not all of them pleasant. While some praised the evangelist’s incredible legacy of preaching the gospel, others criticized his comments on Jews having too much control in the media, as well as his stance on gay marriage. Beyond the praise and criticism, strands of outright hatred loaded with vulgarity celebrated the death of a man who, despite controversy, was responsible for more good than a million judgmental social media junkies put together.

Follow the Dog

April 10, 2018 / Seth Pierce

Recently I bore the crushing burden of a stopover in Fiji after preaching for a camp meeting in New Zealand. More specifically, I spent two days on the remote Mana Island — population 400. This doesn’t include the resort, which, due to the off-peak season, didn’t have all that many tourists. This meant most of the white sandy beaches were vacant, and I often had the infinity pool to myself. I’ll pause to allow you time to work through your envy. Yet, while the downtime from an intense speaking schedule was welcome, I got a bit restless after the first day and decided to go exploring.

Suddenly Nothing Mattered

March 15, 2018 / Martin Weber

Saturday night is a busy time for 911.

Frank and Sue were clubbing at the close of a busy week, dancing and drinking. Arriving home at midnight, they started arguing, yelling in each other’s face.

This fight was furious. But suddenly, whatever the problem was, it went away. Right in the middle of their curse-out contest, Frank dropped to the floor. Dead.

The argument was over. Sue won!

The marriage was over too. In one failed heartbeat, Sue went from angry wife to grieving widow.

NPUC Pathfinder Bible Experience 2018

March 15, 2018

On Saturday, March 10, the North Pacific Union Conference (NPUC) Pathfinder Bible Experience was held at the Cloverdale Church in Boise, Idaho. The 15 teams from around NPUC that had successfully passed through their local conference level events were challenged to recall points of Scripture from the books of Esther and Daniel. Teams that scored 90 percent and above during this union-level event qualified to attend the division level Pathfinder Bible Experience on April 21 in Hawthorne, Fla.

McClendon will be NPUC VP for Administration

March 11, 2018

Bill McClendon has agreed to become the next vice president of administration for the North Pacific Union Conference (NPUC). McClendon’s acceptance comes after Marc Woodson, currently Northern California Conference executive secretary, declined the initial invitation of the NPUC executive committee voted at their Feb. 28 meeting in College Place, Wash. At that meeting, John Freedman, NPUC president, brought both names — Woodson and McClendon — to the committee for consideration.

Santos to be Alaska Conference VP for Administration

March 08, 2018

Melvin Santos has accepted the invitation of the Alaska Conference Executive Committee to become the conference vice president for administration. He is currently serving as senior pastor of the Nashville First Seventh-day Adventist Church in Nashville, Tenn.

Meharry Appointed as NPUC Director of Elementary Education

March 08, 2018

The North Pacific Union Conference (NPUC) Executive Committee at its regular winter meeting on Feb. 28, 2018, appointed Becky Meharry as director of elementary education. Meharry, who currently is serving in her fourth year for the Washington Conference as associate superintendent of schools, will begin her new NPUC assignment June 1. Prior to 2014, she served as teacher and principal for 19 years in the Montana Conference.