Dillingham Celebrates Happy Day

February 09, 2018 / George Dronen

Oct. 28, 2017, was a happy day in Alaska's Dillingham Church. Dan and Theresa Breeden and Vincent and Liza Henry became members of our church family.

The Breedens, along with their granddaughter, Sunny, moved to Dillingham, Alaska, in July just a little before Barbara and George Dronen became the interim pastoral team. Dan had grown up in a Seventh-day Adventist home but had never accepted this way of life. His wife, Theresa, was raised in the Catholic faith. When the Breedens relocated to Dillingham, they decided to enroll Sunny in Dillingham Adventist School.

Bethel Hosts Angel Seminar

February 08, 2018 / Vecous Waite

The Bethel Church, which means “house of God,” hosted the 2017 Angel Seminar Oct. 21 through Nov. 11, 2017. The seminar was held at the Yupiit Cultural Center in Bethel, Alaska, and was led by Monte Church, North Pacific Union Conference Native ministry assistant, and his team, in concert with the Bethel Church.

Palmer Opens First Adventurer Club in Alaska

December 19, 2017 / Marta Beaubien

It was a dark and stormy night. Despite the weather, children were scurrying door to door in quiet neighborhoods of Palmer, Alaska. They weren't demanding "trick or treat," however. Instead, they were braving the wind and rain to request canned food donations for Thanksgiving food baskets.

Contributions were shared with Feed the Need, a program sponsored by the Amazing Grace Academy and the Palmer Church to help area families at Thanksgiving time. "The kids were so excited about collecting that they had me running between houses," says Katie Arndt, Adventurer director.

Singing Inspires Anchorage Community

December 12, 2017 / Alice Moncher

The sweet sound of gospel music was heard at the Alaska Native Medical Center in October 2016 and will continue as long as God’s dedicated people are there each Sabbath afternoon. That's thanks to the music ministry of the Northside Church of Anchorage, Alaska.

North Carolina Students Support Arctic Missions

November 18, 2017 / Brenda Campbell Johnson

Recently the Alaska Conference received letter and donation from the Five Oaks Adventist Christian School in Durham, N.C., for the support of Arctic Missionary Volunteer Elouise Hawkes. The church school students, along with other children from the Five Oaks Church, participated in a bike-a-thon fundraiser, a part of which went to supporting Hawkes’ work in Savoonga, Alaska. This small village of about 800 Native Alaskans lies close to the Arctic Circle, at the northeast tip of St. Lawrence Island, just off the coast of Siberia.

Juneau Pathfinders Experience Camporee Blessings

November 14, 2017 / Danny Kim

We almost missed out. We almost lost the chance for three young Pathfinders to publicly choose to follow Jesus, but, by God’s grace, we experienced His blessings.

As the only Pathfinder club from Alaska at the 2017 North Pacific Union Conference Pathfinder Camporee in Twin Falls, Idaho, our Juneau Black Bears were thrilled to represent the Alaska Conference. They received special greetings and attention from other Pathfinders around the Pacific Northwest, but they also recognized how many fellow brothers and sisters they had in other states.

Adventures in the Routine

November 09, 2017 / Kevin Miller

Over the years, people often tell me they want to do something significant for God. They don't feel their lives have made an impact in the way they hear in mission stories or evangelism reports. They feel they have not done enough to advance the kingdom and would like the adventure of doing something great for Jesus.

Missionaries Extend Alaska Adventist Radio Outreach

October 11, 2017 / Joan Marlow

Ever since H.M.S. Richards took to the air waves in the United States and Adventist World Radio started taking the Three Angels Messages to the world via short wave radio, others have been sending God’s last message to a lost and dying world through radio. Following in this tradition, Alaska has been using radio to reach native Alaskans.