News for March 2012

Whatever Thy Hand Findeth To Do ... J. Willard ‘Bill' Marriott – Famous Tithe-payer

April 01, 2012 / Cindy Chamberlin

He was born to a poor Mormon sheepherder. By age 14, his father trusted him to move sheep between states, and complete tasks daunting to even grown men. Like most Latter-day Saint (LDS) males, he went on a mission. When he returned home, he found his family entirely bankrupt. Quickly, he assessed his only window out of poverty was education. But he had missed so much school, hadn't earned a high-school diploma, and lacked tuition. By sheer wit, he talked his way into community college and agreed to teach theology classes in exchange for tuition.1

Christmas Truce

April 01, 2012 / Cindy Chamberlin

While looking for a GLEANER story, I uncovered a most intriguing event. Historians mark a lull in World War I where enemy soldiers stopped the war in order to celebrate Christmas on the frontlines.

Remando Contra la Cultura

April 01, 2012 / Edwin Lopez

El 14 de Enero, año 2012. Lugar: Jerome, Idaho. Con el cabello todavía húmedo, mientras permanecen de pie juntos a la primera hilera de sillas del santuario, Sergio y Verónica saludan emocionados a las personas que se acercan a felicitarlos. Son muy jóvenes, ninguno de los dos supera los veinticinco años de edad. Hace unos meses no sabían que existía la Iglesia Adventista. Ahora, hoy precisamente, se han convertido en miembros de ella. No han tomado esta decisión debido a un arrebato emocional o una crisis en sus vidas.

News Notes

Executive Committee Actions

The North Pacific Union Conference (NPUC) executive committee members met February 21 in Ridgefield, Washington, and reappointed Alphonso McCarthy as vice president for regional affairs. In addition, McCarthy serves as NPUC youth, human relations and multicultural ministries director.

The One Project — Seattle

April 01, 2012 / Martin Surridge

More than 700 people, including a large group of Walla Walla University faculty, students and church members, gathered for The One Project, a time of discussion-based programming and inspirational worship, held in mid-February in Seattle, Wash.

"It was good to engage in fresh conversation with one another and to celebrate communion as one body," says Alex Bryan, WWU Church senior pastor. "There was, and continues to be, a sense that God is up to something special in this young movement."

Adventist Medical Center's Everyday Hero

April 01, 2012 / Brittany Dobbs

As a home-health physical therapist at Adventist Medical Center (AMC) in Portland, Ore., Tom Davis spends his days visiting patients in their homes, helping to put their lives back together after falls, breaks and other injuries that can bring life to a screeching halt. Like other Adventist Health employees, he wants to live the mission and bring healing to his patients.

Anacortes Church Plant Discovers Identity

April 01, 2012 / Bonnie Bowman

As an "adolescent" church plant, Anacortes (Wash.) Adventist Fellowship, a company of approximately 50 believers meeting together since 2008, started to take a closer look at who they wanted to be when they grew up.

Growth in any new church comes in stages: bonding as a new group, creating trusting friendships, finding a church home, finding identity and continuing to grow — all, in this case, without the guidance of a pastor.