News for November 2011

ACCION Nace Un Grupo Hispano en Tillamook, Oregon

November 01, 2011

El grupo hispano de Tillamook comenzó en la pequeña ciudad de Nehalem, Oregón hace apenas un año atrás. Eran tres familias de la Iglesia de Jesucristo, que fervorosamente oraban y estudiaban las Santas Escrituras. Un día descubrieron la verdad del Sábado y comenzaron a hacer preguntas a su pastor referente a ese tema. Como el pastor no pudo contestar sus preguntas satisfactoriamente, las tres familias decidieron separarse de su iglesia madre y reunirse en sus propios hogares los Sábados, tomando la responsabilidad de pastor uno de ellos.

From the GLEANER Archives

November 01, 2011

This building was the precursor to an existing Adventist academy in the North Pacific Union Conference. During the 1920s it housed 10 grades of students who were trained to partner with area pastors and churches for evangelistic visitation throughout a major Northwest city. Here's a clue: The current academy is very near to an Adventist medical center. What was the original school called? What is its current name?

A Student Delegate Speaks Out

November 01, 2011

EDITOR'S NOTE: At the recent North Pacific Union Conference Constituency Session, the GLEANER asked Ian Field, a 21-year-old Walla Walla University history major and youth delegate for the session, about his perspectives.

GLEANER: What did you appreciate about the NPUC Constituency Session? What did you learn?

Adventist Health Hospitals Stay Clean and Green

November 01, 2011

"Go Green" isn’t just the mantra of canvas-toting hippies aiming to reduce their carbon footprint. Several Adventist Health hospitals and their environmental services departments have taken the mantra to heart — and are turning deep shades of green.

Sustainable Stewardship

Washington Teachers Help Korean Students Hone English Skills

November 01, 2011

Fifteen Northwest representatives including seven Washington Conference teachers, four young people, and four support staff helped fifth- and sixth-graders in Korea improve their English in a fun, hands-on, interactive learning environment this summer.

The 150 middle-school students spent 10 days at the Step-Up English Summer Camp where they attended assemblies, played games and rotated through classes in writing, physical education, practical life skills, small group "family" time, science, and Bible.

Auburn Celebrates Healthy Enrollment

November 01, 2011

Auburn Adventist Academy's school community prayed throughout the summer for a healthy enrollment for the 2011–12 school year.

The budget was set at a conservative 220 students. Summer recruiters kept in contact with prospective students. Applications kept arriving. Registration day buzzed with activity. The question everyone kept asking was: "How many?"