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Relationship Suggestions for Guys*

May 01, 2010

Start your day right. Die first (to self) and enhance all of your relationships. Die to self (who you are by nature) by asking the Holy Spirit to make your decision a reality. Do this daily.

Friends first. The quality of a couples' friendship determines the marriage.

Dos nuevas congregaciones en Idaho

May 01, 2010 / Edwin Lopez

Walter acaba de cumplir veintiún años. A pesar de los diversos desafíos espirituales por los que ha pasado, Walter sigue asistiendo a la iglesia, empeñado en luchar por su fe. Ahora lo acompaña su joven esposa, Aisha. Además de haberse criado en un hogar donde se le inculcaron los principios de la fe adventista, Walter posee otra característica común a todo joven nacido en este país: le cuesta mucho hablar el español. Y en el caso de su esposa, ella no lo habla del todo.

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May 01, 2010


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May 01, 2010

Oregon Governor Signs Religious Apparel Bill

Letters on p. 5

May 01, 2010

Earth Friendly Faith a Hit

Dan Serns' article, "Earth Friendly Faith," in April's GLEANER, was a welcome and happy surprise. Sometimes we get caught up in trendy, politically correct movements just because we're living here in this place and time. But rather than joining the lockstep masses, Dan is way out in front with this approach, which addresses all aspects of our reason for being here on God's beautiful planet: physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. I love this philosophy — thank you, Dan.

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May 01, 2010

WWU Names Student Worker of the Year

Students Score Sweet Internship with Sweets

Hispanic Ministries at WWU