2016 NPUC Constituency Delegates

August 04, 2016

The following list of delegates selected for the 2016 North Pacific Union Conference (NPUC) constituency session has been developed in accordance with the requirements of the existing NPUC bylaws. A few replacements may happen within conference delegations in the weeks leading up to the September 25 session due to individual delegates’ inability to serve.

How Delegates are Chosen

Article VII of the North Pacific Union Conference constituency session points out that the voting delegates at any regular or special constituency meeting of this union shall be:

Suddenly Nothing Mattered

March 15, 2018 / Martin Weber

Saturday night is a busy time for 911.

Frank and Sue were clubbing at the close of a busy week, dancing and drinking. Arriving home at midnight, they started arguing, yelling in each other’s face.

This fight was furious. But suddenly, whatever the problem was, it went away. Right in the middle of their curse-out contest, Frank dropped to the floor. Dead.

The argument was over. Sue won!

The marriage was over too. In one failed heartbeat, Sue went from angry wife to grieving widow.

McClendon will be NPUC VP for Administration

March 11, 2018

Bill McClendon has agreed to become the next vice president of administration for the North Pacific Union Conference (NPUC). McClendon’s acceptance comes after Marc Woodson, currently Northern California Conference executive secretary, declined the initial invitation of the NPUC executive committee voted at their Feb. 28 meeting in College Place, Wash. At that meeting, John Freedman, NPUC president, brought both names — Woodson and McClendon — to the committee for consideration.

Santos to be Alaska Conference VP for Administration

March 08, 2018

Melvin Santos has accepted the invitation of the Alaska Conference Executive Committee to become the conference vice president for administration. He is currently serving as senior pastor of the Nashville First Seventh-day Adventist Church in Nashville, Tenn.

Meharry Appointed as NPUC Director of Elementary Education

March 08, 2018

The North Pacific Union Conference (NPUC) Executive Committee at its regular winter meeting on Feb. 28, 2018, appointed Becky Meharry as director of elementary education. Meharry, who currently is serving in her fourth year for the Washington Conference as associate superintendent of schools, will begin her new NPUC assignment June 1. Prior to 2014, she served as teacher and principal for 19 years in the Montana Conference.

NPUC Executive Committee Actions

March 01, 2018

During their regular meeting in College Place, Wash. on Feb. 28, North Pacific Union Conference (NPUC) executive committee members voted to invite Marc Woodson to replace John Loor Jr. (who has retired) as NPUC vice president for administration/executive secretary. This invitation is awaiting a response from Woodson who currently fills a similar role for the Northern California Conference.

February 26, 2018

Throughout 2018, Gleaner readers will discover each month new and delightful images of God's second book from photographs submitted during the most recent Images of Creation contest.

Plugged Into Jesus

February 26, 2018 / John Freedman

On a recent Monday morning I awoke, excited about the prospects for the week. Jumping out of bed at an early hour, I had plenty of time to take a long, hot shower and to dress, pray, study, eat breakfast and get to the office. It was going to be a great week!

However, things went downhill quickly. Turning on the shower, I expected our brand-new, high-technology, instant hot water heater to produce all it had promised. Instead, all I got was cold water that got even colder as my patience turned quickly to impatience. Something was definitely wrong.