Hurricane Harvey, The Oaks Adventist Christian School [NAD]

Brenda Elms, elementary principal at The Oaks Adventist Christian School in Houston, Texas, walks filmmaker Timothy Wolfer through the flood damaged school and Cypress church. In bonus mobile phone footage, Samuel Vega, pastor of the Houston Spring Branch Adventist church, shares the view from his rescue boat during the height of flooding from Hurricane Harvey.

September 07, 2017

World Harvest Outreach Church, Hurricane Harvey Relief [NAD]

Adventist Community Services volunteers at the World Harvest Outreach Seventh-day Adventist Church in Houston, Texas, work tirelessly to help distribute necessities to community members affected by Hurricane Harvey. Their large facility has allowed them to take in donations from other locations as well as disperse clothing to various donation sites. Hygiene kits and buckets filled with household cleaning supplies top of the list of needs. CREDIT: Timothy Wolfer/NAD

September 07, 2017

Hurricane Harvey Victims—The Uncut Story 1 [NAD]

After several days of struggling with floodwaters and an evacuation, this family tells their heartbreaking story of surviving Hurricane Harvey. They explain why they have hope thanks to the kind hearts of their others who are donating to organizations like Adventist Community Services. One victim: "That is America; that is what makes us beautiful."

September 07, 2017

ACSDR Beaumont Church, Texas [NAD]

In this report, Adventist Community Services Disaster Response (ACSDR) from the Beaumont Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Texas is distributing clothing and other items in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. ACS volunteers arrived with supplies and then partnered with other community members to service a line of cars 3 MILES LONG!  CREDIT: Tim Wolfer/NAD

September 07, 2017

ACS Disaster Response to Hurricane Harvey [NAD]

Adventist Community Services (ACS) Disaster Response in Texas distributes clothing and other items to victims of Hurricane Harvey. ACS DR director and assistant director, Marshall and Julie Gonzales, explain how ACS DR has been helping with an immediate response. CREDIT: Tim Wolfer/NAD

September 07, 2017

Dan Jackson Offering Appeal for Sept. 9, 2017 [NAD]

Daniel R. Jackson, president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America, issues offering appeal: On Sept. 9, 2017, churches across the North American Division (NAD) of the Seventh-day Adventist Church will collect a special offering to support the relief efforts of Adventist Community Services (ACS) after millions in Texas and Louisiana were impacted by the catastrophic effects of Hurricane Harvey.

September 07, 2017

Creation Study Center Dedication

What role does creation ministries play in the mission and message of our church? How does faith and science align with those beliefs?

August 30, 2017