At the beginning of the 21st century, education has become a focus of public discussion and political debate. Throughout North America, education is experiencing seismic changes.

July 01, 2003 / Dennis Plubell

Labor unions were once an anathema to most Adventists. Many members did not view union membership as an option, citing significant counsel from Ellen White and other sources. At one point, Ellen White described the practices of labor unions: “Unionism has revealed what it is by the spirit that it has manifested. It is controlled by the cruel power of Satan.

June 01, 2003 / Diana Justice

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June 01, 2003 / Fred Hardinge

As Trust Services Director for the North Pacific Union, I had been invited to present a financial planning seminar to alumni and friends of Walla Walla College during homecoming weekend. My topic focused on “investments.” I stated at the beginning that investment was only one of a number of important subjects to be considered in successful financial planning.

May 01, 2003 / George Carambot

God allows us the privilege of managing the resources of time, energy, talent and means, which He has provided. As Dick Ruder and his wife, Sharon, discovered, we can either squander life’s resources or invest them in God’s mission and His purposes.

May 01, 2003 / Bryce Pascoe

This morning, as I was preparing for work, a news bulletin came on the television. Another suicide bomber had killed 19 people in northern Israel. Yesterday morning, I heard another news report of an individual who carried out a suicide bombing and killed more people in the Philippines. Each day, the news is filled with examples of the troubled world in which we live.

May 01, 2003 / Norman Klam

They come to camp arriving by twos and threes and then by the mini-van full. They come to camp not knowing exactly what to expect but full of anticipation for exciting adventures with new friends. The campers fill Camp Paxson, in Montana, Sunset Lake in Washington, Camp Polaris in Alaska, and the five other Northwest Adventist camps, with laughter and endless energy.

April 01, 2003 / Richard Dower