New Views on Christian Jobs

February 01, 2003 / Standley Gellineau

In recent decades there has been a growing trend toward Seventh-day Adventists entering civil courts and state service. This movement is a departure from the earlier traditional view of not considering professions such as law enforcement and fire prevention as appropriate for church members. The rationales for the traditional views are many.

Walla Walla College Now More Than Ever

January 01, 2003 / Jere Patzer

As I attended the moving inauguration service last month for Jon Dybdahl as our new Walla Walla College president, I thought about a different gathering I had taken part in just a few months before.

In that meeting, North Pacific Union Conference and local conference administrators discussed some of the significant challenges facing the Church in the Northwest and beyond.

That meeting also gave us an opportunity to get better acquainted with Dr. Dybdahl and confirmed our belief that God has guided his selection as president.

Just Two Things

January 01, 2003

Author Richard Carlson has made a fortune, reminding us in his “New York Times” bestseller that there are just two things we need to remember: Don’t sweat the small stuff, and it’s all small stuff.

It reminds me of something Dr. Jon Dybdahl has been doing at Walla Walla College, since his arrival this fall—telling us there are just two things we need to remember. No doubt his administration will be marked by an unrelenting emphasis on these two things.

Still on the Cutting Edge

December 01, 2002 / Jere Patzer

I had the recent privilege of meeting with some key Christian community leaders. They wanted to know what was happening in the Adventist Church. I told them about the new DVD initiative for reaching people with a knowledge of Jesus and His biblical truths.

After the meeting, one of the top executives of the Billy Graham organization was so impressed, he asked if I would share a copy with him. Of course, I did.

I Must Be Moving On

December 01, 2002

Some Adventists “stay put” longer than others. God doesn’t mind stability—of that I’m certain. My Prussian ancestors would still be in Germany today, but for Kaiser Frederik Wilhelm.

You see, those Lutheran Schwiesows (original spelling) were happy farmers, pacifists all. But one by one, as 10 brothers came of military age between 1835 and 1870, they bought tickets to America rather than add their sabres to the Kaiser’s sword-rattle. Permanence is good. But tides change and winds shift.

His Legacy Speaks Volumes

December 01, 2002

Often a person and a product become so intertwined that identity lines blur and we associate one automatically with the other.

For Seattle Mariner fans, it’s Edgar Martínez. For GLEANER readers in the past decade or so, it’s been Ed Schwisow.

We’ve been blessed by Ed’s commitment and journalistic skill. He is a consummate writer, a craftsman with words. I have never tired of watching him, as editor, breathe life into otherwise awkward phrases.

Wait a Minute . . . or More

December 01, 2002

“But those who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint” (Isaiah 40:31, NRSV).

The Mission Field of Corporate America

December 01, 2002 / DeLona Bell

Her voice lacked its usual confidence. It was the end of the week, and I would have been happy if it had been a routine client request.

But as she talked, I could hear that something deeper was at stake. “Listen, DeLona,” the voice in my soul said. “She’s in a spiritual struggle.”

There I was, in one of the hundreds of moments of decision we all face every day. Would I respond to the prompting of the Spirit? Or would my own focus for the day prohibit me from listening—really listening—to a colleague who was deeply troubled?

A Call for Thoughtfulness

November 01, 2002 / Jere Patzer

Some years ago in the Upper Columbia Conference, a youth group decided to test the friendliness of Adventist churches.

So one Sabbath, they dressed up like street kids— “punks”—and their adult sponsors drove them to some Adventist churches in the area.

Unannounced, they walked in. Without too severely taxing your imagination, you can guess that their receptions could have been better.

Inner Office Memo

November 01, 2002

Inner Office Memo

Date: September 18, 2002

To: All company employees

From: The CEO

Subject: Business strategy for increasing company effectiveness

Priority: Urgent