Venden Leftovers

December 01, 2003 / Bruce Johnston

"Converts just don’t stick.” The speaker, critical of the conference spending money on public evangelism, was arguing that there are few lasting results from public meetings and therefore the money should be spent on more worthwhile things. You may, by reading further, see why I disagree.

Good News Is . . . No News!

November 01, 2003 / Jere Patzer

We often say, “No news is good news,” and in some cases I suspect that is true. Recently, however, I have become increasingly disgusted by the news media and the seeming obsession with exclusively reporting what’s wrong with the world. It’s downright depressing. From the terrorists bombings to hate crimes. To the growing child sex slave trade to AIDS. To drunk driving to spousal abuse. Murders, robberies and hurricanes and tornados. And all this woe with a negative if not cynical bias.

A Trip that Changed the World

November 01, 2003

In 1999, Miami attorney O. Frank Valladares reluctantly consented to tag along with his wife on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic. He figured the trip would be a needed vacation to escape the stresses of work and catch a little scuba diving. What happened when he got there changed his life.

There in the Past, Here for the Future

October 01, 2003 / Jere Patzer

Adventist health care institutions have a long and rich history. In 1878, St. Helena Hospital—located in California’s beautiful Napa Valley—opened its doors and started what would become a long tradition of Christ-centered, mission-driven healing on the West Coast. Here in the Northwest, Adventist Medical Center in Portland (est. 1894) and Walla Walla General Hospital (est. 1899) have also been delivering this distinctive kind of care for more than a century.

A Surefire Way to Adventist Health

October 01, 2003

While loitering at the magazine rack in Safeway today, I noticed dozens of titles like “Shortcuts to Bigger Biceps and Triceps," “An Easy 4-week Fat-loss Plan," “Speed up Your Metabolism in Just 10 Minutes" and “Get a Body You’ll Love (Really) in 2 Months!” Let’s face it—we’re obsessed with the body.

Spectator Adventists

September 01, 2003

The reports swirl in from all points of the compass. “They say...” … “She did...” … “He what!?” Where they settle, the air is dank and heavy. You can cut it with a knife. Gossip, rumor, innuendo.

Silent Night, Holy Conscience

August 01, 2003

Dr. Frederic Loomis faced the most difficult decision a physician could ever make—whether to allow a deformed baby to live or die. He had only seconds to decide.

Glimpses of God

July 01, 2003 / Patricia Revolinski

The school year is new, the school board members may be new, but the ritual is the same. In August, the school board meeting begins with a visit to each classroom to pray for the teacher and students soon to enter that room. These board members pray that the teacher will emulate the Master Teacher and that decisions made will draw the students closer to Jesus.