November 30, 2017 / Karen Pearson

Social media feeds across the country recently blew up with countless #metoo postings. While many came from A-list celebrities, did you notice how many seemed to be posted by friends, colleagues and family members?

My Teenage Testimony

September 07, 2017

My name is Jenna Fishburn. I feel compelled by God to share my testimony with other youth to whom God is speaking like He did to me. I am 16 years old, and while I attended church every week with my family, something really basic had been missing in my Christian experience.

Full Circle

February 24, 2017 / Chad Angasan

It never ceases to amaze me how God uniquely works. Mary Klein’s story began in 1959, and my memories of my grandmother are still vivid and clear as if it was yesterday. When I would visit her, the aroma of fresh bread and caribou stew would fill my nose. After she came to hug and kiss me, I’d hear, “Go eat, beebe!” with her thick Native Alaskan accent.

Love poured from my grandmother to my mother, Cecelia; her two sisters, Marilyn and Linda; my cousins; siblings; and me. 

Good People

November 03, 2016 / Loren Dickinson

It’s a sense that had been creeping up on me for a year or more. But I’d never given it tongue. And then, a few months ago, like a bubble ready to burst, it blew onto my mental screen that caused me to see some things more clearly.

The sense: So many good people engage in so many good works that do so much good — often unknown to the rest of us.

An example or two:

Should I Go Back to Church?

September 22, 2016 / Mike Jones

I’m asked this question frequently by those who are not active in a church. In case you or someone you know is among them, my response is: "It’s probably a good idea to find a church home if you want to keep growing spiritually."

Of course, genuine spiritual growth comes as a result of having a prayer life that includes personal Bible study and daily conversations with God. But conversations with fellow Christians are important too. Perhaps this is why Christians are encouraged to “not give up meeting together … but let us encourage one another” (Heb. 10:25).

Stepping Over the Barbed Wire

May 21, 2016 / Mackenzie Thompson

We came upon an empty house, broken and chipping, sitting behind a barbed-wire fence. The sign on the fence read "Posted: No Trespassing," resting at the top of a hill in the Blue Mountains of eastern Oregon. Strong, bending, reaching pines stood surrounding the house as the property sloped down to the valley.

There's something curious about an abandoned old house where the window frames have shards of glass stuck in them and the broken wooden panes lie on the ground and the door is still locked. The wilderness is once again claiming the earth the house sits on.

Evangelism: Postmodern Answer or Dilemma?

January 08, 2016 / Jason Morgan

Does the early church’s method of evangelism really work in the progressive, postmodern, liberal culture of today? Does publicly preaching our message really contribute to the growth and strengthening of our church in a post-Christian world, or is it nothing more than an exercise in futility to prove our propositional truths?

What About the Tares?

June 08, 2015 / Ken Crawford

Ever grown a vegetable garden without weeds? It’s never happened, for those noxious tares are a reality in our fallen world.

Jesus understood how eager we gardeners are to be rid of those noxious weeds. In fact, He realized how we’d all rather be picking tomatoes than pulling weeds, and so He told us a story with a lesson we never expected or should never forget. He also created a surprising conclusion that is especially important for the church today.

God's Measurement of Success

May 22, 2014 / Kelsey Freeman

When I graduated from high school, I already had two years of college classes under my belt. Having participated in Washington State’s Running Start program, all of my prerequisites were finished, and I was ready to move to Walla Walla and conquer my Bachelor of Arts in two years. I thought I wanted to teach English, but after a quarter or two I decided psychology suited me better and, shortly after that, theology. Soon I had finished a year of university and was no closer to any degree. With the next year came more floundering and tighter funds.

Gratefully Recovering

March 27, 2014 / Harold Burden

After serving as pastor, missionary and college Bible teacher, my final 25 years in church employment were as a hospital health educator. Probably the most life-changing experience for me was running residential and outpatient stop-smoking programs. Through my association with smokers, I became acquainted with many people who had already dealt with other addictions. One evening a recovering alcoholic gave me a copy of Alcoholics Anonymous (frequently referred to as the Big Book), which of course I did not need.