Seth Pierce

Puyallup Church lead pastor
Washington Conference

Ten Free Ways to Appreciate Your Pastor ... Without Making It Awkward

Next month is the 20th annual Pastor Appreciation Month.


I'm Offended, Part 1

My wife recently gave birth to our third child, and one of the many questions we have as we watch her grow is what her personality will be like.



We are all partial.


Dude, Where's My Ark?

Noah's ark has always been a story of God's grace and human survival — not a shipwreck of human stupidity.


A Festival of Inconsistency

Several years ago I was at an International Fair hosted by the local community college where diverse groups manned booths in order to inform, convert, sell to or — in the case of the b


How to Pick a Fight

There’s nothing like a good fight.


How to Judge People

“Judge not lest ye be judged” is perhaps the most popular quote among people who haven’t read the Bible.


Crossing the Generational Divide, Part 2

In Jesus' day the younger generation wrestled with their relationship to their elders and the reality of what God expected:


Crossing the Generational Divide, Part 1

At the end of each week I enjoy tormenting my type-A, goal-oriented personality with the question: What did you accomplish?