Seth Pierce

Puyallup Church lead pastor
Washington Conference

Proving Ourselves Wrong

The mission of the Christian church is to prove how right we are … right?


Apocalaughs Now

Last year when Barely Adventist informed the digital world that beloved televangelist Doug Batchelor would be making his debut on Dancing With the Stars, a passionate diatribe on the holin


Highlighting Heresy

The first time I read the book of Job, I highlighted most of it.



The ghosts of dead stories haunt everyone.


Go Therefore and Mingle

Most able-bodied 4-year-olds demand assistance opening doors that are too heavy, picking up the host of toys they dumped all over the house and purchasing more of said toys for further dumping in a


More Than Money

This past November I attended a Dave Ramsey conference in Nashville, Tenn., that really messed up my theology. For the uninitiated: Dave Ramsey is a bestselling author, world-renowned speaker and t


Accidental Pagans

The greatest Christmas card ever bestowed upon me had gilded edges, dazzling red and green accents, and the following message:

“Jesus is the reason for the season!” TRUE!


Ellen ... Beyond the Mirror

By the time you read this article, the manuscript for my new book, Ellen White for Teens, will be resting in the capable editorial hands of Pacific Press. I hope.


I'm Offended, Part 2

I once used social media to ask my colleagues to share with me some of their craziest stories of offended members. They did not disappoint.


Ten Free Ways to Appreciate Your Pastor ... Without Making It Awkward

Next month is the 20th annual Pastor Appreciation Month.